Content Managing Systems
WordPress • Squarespace • Our CMS 4 • Cargo

Our Company Ltd. has developed their own CMS on a .net ajax base. It is user friendly and adaptable
to almost any website. It continues to grow with nice plugins like automatic image resizing and
coloring which saves alot of time in a working process. Updating, controlling and publishing the content
of your website can actually be fun. Have a look inside

Domain Names & Hosting Plans
incl. SSL certificates
Our Company offers both Domain Names and Hosting Plans.
Ready Made Websites
Websites ready to go
For a low budget we offer already made website structures easy to use and ready to go in a few days!
A ready made website includes unlimited amount of Pages, a flexible layout with or without a
header & footer, custom menu (top / left / right), image pages with thumbnail, pop-up or slideshow viewing,
list pages (open & close on click), document download pages, video & sound pages, normal text pages
(html editable), newsletter or contact-forms, direct links to each page, securized user-login, custom styles (css)
and a cms for editing and updating the complete content of your page at any given time.
read more… or check the examples on our project page by selecting ‹Ready Made Website› in Media.
Newsletters & Blogs
Easy • Fast • Customized • Templates
Wanna get your own blog-page going? It's simple. Check out our Blog-Page for example.
We can help you set up and customize Blogs via
PS: the tumblr iPhone App exists and comes for free.
Design & Interaction
Typefaces • Printprocess • Layout • Logos • Brochures
Our Company Ltd. offers the full range of design and interaction, from Businesscards, Letterheads, Books
and Magazines to complex interactive flash animated web-interfaces and video editing.
Email Hosting
OpenSRS • Google • MX Records • Multiple Alias Domains
Google provides a wide range of services including the possibility of applying them on any given website.
Our Company Ltd. has decided to trust Google Mail and recommends their services to its clients because of
the quality, the stability and the constant updates of their services. Gmail has incredible stability, and
a great intuitive webmail interface. It supports the main standard mail protocols POP and IMAP and provides
alot of storage space (more than 7 GB constantly increasing) and up to 50 email addresses per account.
Gmail, Google Apps
FTP & Backup Systems
File Transfer Protocol
Up- or download important files from your Server from wherever you are. In order to do this you are
required to use an FTP client software such as Smart FTP for Windows- or Cyberduck for Mac OS X users.
We are currently working on a Web FTP solution, which will become available within the next few months.
Browser Compatibility
Chrome, Safari, FireFox

We generally support all common ‹up to date› webbrowsers. Upon request we will also program for older versions.

HTML Newsletters
Easy • Fast • Customized templates
Trouble Shooting & Debugging
Got a Problem? Call the doctor.
Coming soon…